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Network architecture diagram

Our architecture is designed to resist DDoS attacks and hide the validator's IP based on the SNA (Sentry Node Architecture), a specific network architecture within the Cosmos ecosystem that helps to improve the security and privacy of validators in the network.

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Why should you trust in Bunker Stake?

In Bunker Stake we have been participating since 2015 in the most important PoS networks, such as Ethereum, Polkadot, Kusama, Avalanche, Sentinel, Kava... Especially in the Cosmos network we have been participating since the first Gaia testnets. Giving talks, creating documentation and contributing to the ecosystem of the Spanish-speaking community.

How does our monitoring work?

We have a full-closed monitoring infrastructure so that we know the status each node at any time.

  • Open Source Technologies: Grafana and Kuma

  • Loki for an exhaustive monitoring of the logs, thus finding possible failures before they happen.

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